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Clarity in the Housing Market will Improve Your Business

Fueled by a large number of forbpmeclosures and short sales, residental repairs and remodels are at their highest levels since June 2006.  This is great news for the building product manufacturers industry.  The important questions to ask are:

  1. How long with this uptrend last?
  2. Which markets are seeing the strongest residential repair and remodel numbers?
  3. What are consumers priorities as they undertake these renovations?

These are the questions that John Burns Real Estate Consulting can help you answer.  Our uniquely qualified team of housing market analysts and consultants is here to give you trusted data and solutions to your most pressing challenges.

With construction at their lowest levels in history, our clients are depending on our forecasts to help shape business plans for the next five years.

Our U.S. Housing Analysis & Forecast is a compilation of 70+ variables that affect the housing market, with a full history and a forecast on the most critical variables.  This report includes:

  • Construction Forecast           
  • New Home Sales Forecast    
  • Existing Home Sales Forecast              
  • Distressed Home Sales Forecast         
  • Existing Home Price Forecast                       

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